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  • Cameron Highlands – Cactus Valley

    Cameron Highlands – Cactus Valley

    CAMERON HIGHLANDS Cactus Valley The Cactus Valley is perched on a hill slope overlooking Brinchang town and features an extensive collection of cacti, flowers, and all sorts of beautiful ornamental plants. other plants which include Strawberries, Roses, Apple & Peach trees, Orchids, Cherry Tomatoes etc. We heard that some of the cactus species here are […]

  • Cameron Highlands – Butterfly Farm

    Cameron Highlands – Butterfly Farm

    CAMERON HIGHLANDS Butterfly Farm Butterfly Farm is a tourist attraction at Kea Farm in Brinchang,The Butterfly Farm houses many species of butterfly (like the Raja Brooke) in the butterfly enclosure.  There are guided tours and some domesticated animals like ducks and tortoises in their mini petting zoo!A gift shop and Chinese-style steamboat restaurant are also […]

  • Cameron Highlands – Night Market

    Cameron Highlands – Night Market

    CAMERON HIGHLANDS Night Market Markets are always a popular tourist destination in any location and the same is no different in Cameron Highlands too. There are two major types of market in this location the morning market which is popularly referred as Pasar Pagi and the night market which is majorly termed as pasar Malam. […]

  • Cameron Highlands – Lavender Gardens

    Cameron Highlands – Lavender Gardens

    CAMERON HIGHLANDS Lavender Gardens Another one of the big natural highlights of the Cameron Highlands is the Lavender Gardens which is a wonderful place to come to take in the aromatic air and the pretty purple vistas. On a trip here you will find gorgeous landscaped gardens that are bisected with walkways which means that […]

  • Cameron Highlands – Strawberry Farm

    Cameron Highlands – Strawberry Farm

    CAMERON HIGHLANDS Strawberry Farm Raaju’s Hill Strawberry Farm is known for having some of the juiciest strawberries in the Cameron Highlands. One of the reasons for this is that the farm is strategically located in a misty valley, but whatever the reason, this is one of the best places to pick strawberries in town. This […]

  • Cameron Highlands – Rose Garden

    Cameron Highlands – Rose Garden

    CAMERON HIGHLANDS Rose Garden The Cameron Highlands is famous for its flora and, as well as tea and strawberries, you will also find a huge number of species of roses here. If you like flowers then one of the best ways to see the roses is on a trip to Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden which […]

  • Cameron Highlands – BOH Tea Garden

    Cameron Highlands – BOH Tea Garden

    CAMERON HIGHLANDS BOH Tea Garden The Boh Tea Company was founded in 1929 and is one of the most famous brands of tea in Malaysia. As such, one of the highlights of a trip to the Cameron Highlands is the chance to visit the source at the Boh Tea Plantation where you can enjoy the […]