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  • Penang Food

    Penang Food

    Must Try Penang Food Penang is food paradise. The biggest feature in Penang cuisine is her diversity. Here you can find different race with different origin and different types of food. To eat different kinds of food, you must mix with different sauces like cheung fun (rice rolls) with shrimp paste,koay teow soup with chilli […]

  • Malacca Food

    Malacca Food

    Must Try Malacca Food Malacca is Malaysia’s oldest ancient city. Snacks, refreshments and restaurants here are different from the rest, not only special, but also the combination of strong Chinese, Malay, Portugal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and flavour of other countries. Jonker Street is the most popular street in Malacca Old Town, you can […]

  • Kuala Lumpur Food

    Kuala Lumpur Food

    Must Try Kuala Lumpur Food Malaysia has a complex heritage of their traditional cuisine. There is a variety of cuisine in Kuala Lumpur. In Kuala Lumpur, the best food is in the hawker stalls, food centre and coffee shops which are along the streets but not in the expensive restaurants. It is easy for you […]

  • Ipoh Food

    Ipoh Food

    Must Try Ipoh Food Ipoh is known as “San Seng,” which means “city surrounded by mountains” in Cantonese, the so-called eating in “San Seng”, eat in Ipoh! This means that a wide variety of cuisine and varied tastes in Ipoh, and closest to authentic food in Guangdong Province. Every holiday or weekend, local people from […]

  • Johor Food

    Johor Food

    Must Try Johor Food After tasting Johor Bahru food, you will find impressive in his old-fashioned flavor, from the long history of the old shops, and heritage to several generations, are eaten by many tourists which has become an unforgettable memorable moment for them. There is an older shop in Johor Bahru old Street which […]