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  • Johor Food

    Johor Food

    Must Try Johor Food After tasting Johor Bahru food, you will find impressive in his old-fashioned flavor, from the long history of the old shops, and heritage to several generations, are eaten by many tourists which has become an unforgettable memorable moment for them. There is an older shop in Johor Bahru old Street which…

  • Johor – Kukup Mushroom Farm

    Johor – Kukup Mushroom Farm

    JOHOR Kukup Mushroom Farm Kukup mushroom farm is a stilt house. Here, you can enjoy the freshest mushroom dinner and a variety of side dishes, you also can buy fresh mushrooms and the price is a lot lower than the market. It is free admission to the farm, tourists can learn how to put mushrooms…

  • Johor – KSL city

    Johor – KSL city

    JOHOR KSL city KSL city is in Johor Bahru metropolitan area, is the largest shopping centre in South district, is also Johor Bahru’s shopping hot spot. Outlets, the biggest bookstore, electronic goods, a variety of restaurants and TGV, one of Malaysia’s biggest cinema as well as Jusco shopping mall for your choices.

  • Johor – Desaru Fruit Farm

    Johor – Desaru Fruit Farm

    JOHOR Desaru Fruit Farm Situated on 100 acres of land, Desaru Fruit Farm offers visitors a fun time learning about the country’s tropical fruits. Packed with over 100 varieties of tropical fruits, 10 species of plants, a petting zoo, koi fish pond and other attractions, a visit here promises an interesting experience for the whole…

  • Johor – Royal Abu Bakar Museum

    Johor – Royal Abu Bakar Museum

    JOHOR Royal Abu Bakar Museum This architectural wonder was completed in 1866. It was commissioned by the late Sultan Abu Bakar and is also known as the Grand Palace (Istana Besar Johor). The palace was renovated to become a museum in 1982 and was officially opened in 1990.Catch a glimpse of the grand lifestyle of…

  • Johor – Batu Pahat

    Johor – Batu Pahat

    JOHOR Batu Pahat Batu Pahat is in Johor State, its textile industry once known as Malaysia Little Paris. Batu Pahat’s most famous tourist attraction is Temple like Segenting temple, the famous 18 Arhats in Temple and also 400 historic antique temples. Every weekend, there are a lot of tourists come for praying. The Summit and…

  • Johor – Pulau Sibu

    Johor – Pulau Sibu

    JOHOR Pulau Sibu Pulau Sibu is a pleasant hideaway with its lush tropical vegetation, endless stretches of golden beaches and clear blue waters. The island is also dotted with numerous sea caves carved out of rocks. The constant pounding of the sea during the monsoon season has given the island a beautiful yet rugged appearance.

  • Johor – Chong Long Gong Temple

    Johor – Chong Long Gong Temple

    JOHOR Chong Long Gong Temple In the beginning of 1990’s, Batu Pahat Chong Long Gong gained its fame by touching the dragon fish for wealth. It is an ancient temple which has about 150 years of history. There are eight very spiritual dragon fish in this temple’s dragon fish pond which will swim towards the…

  • Johor – Kota Tinggi Waterfall

    Johor – Kota Tinggi Waterfall

    JOHOR Kota Tinggi Waterfall The waterfalls are located at the foot of Gunung (Mountain) Muntahak. It cascades down some 34 meters from the mountain. The natural beauty of the area is refreshing, and provides an escape for busy city-goers. The cooling river waters also provide an ideal place for swimming, and a nice spot for…

  • Johor – Hock Teck Tuah Temple

    Johor – Hock Teck Tuah Temple

    JOHOR Hock Teck Tuah Temple There’s a temple called Hock Teck Tuah in Batu Pahat, Johor which has been attracting the foreign worshipers due to its best allusions. Besides its distinctive statues and landscape, the temple also offers a unique way of introduction which guides the tourists around the temple for a week.