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  • Malacca Food

    Malacca Food

    Must Try Malacca Food Malacca is Malaysia’s oldest ancient city. Snacks, refreshments and restaurants here are different from the rest, not only special, but also the combination of strong Chinese, Malay, Portugal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and flavour of other countries. Jonker Street is the most popular street in Malacca Old Town, you can […]

  • Malacca – A’Famosa Outlet

    Malacca – A’Famosa Outlet

    MALACCA A’Famosa Outlet Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is a boutique-style outlet shopping centre that brings the cottages and windmills of Amsterdam to Melaka via photo spots and quaint shop fronts. It also comprises over 70 retail shops for shoppers to splurge on clothes at discounted prices.  Developed as an open-air mall, the greenery landscape includes five […]

  • Malacca – Melaka Bee Gallery

    Malacca – Melaka Bee Gallery

    MALACCA Melaka Bee Gallery Honey and bee lovers should not miss a trip to Melaka Bee Gallery.At Malacca Bee Gallery you can learn a lot about bees and apiculture and buy some delicious and healthy honey products.This spot is operated by Giant B, which has been producing honey since 1978 in Melaka. Among the products […]

  • Malacca – The Huskitory

    Malacca – The Huskitory

    MALACCA The Huskitory Established since 2010, Huskitory first started off as a canine repository specifically catering to grooming Siberian Huskies before one fateful day,Here, visitors will get to cuddle huskies and akitas while you grab a bite and sip on coffee at this pet store and cafe.Akita Cafe on the 2nd floor also has a […]

  • Malacca – Submarine Museum

    Malacca – Submarine Museum

    MALACCA Submarine Museum There is only one submarine here, the SMD Ouessant, an Agosta 70 class submarine which was built in 1978 by Arsenal de Cherbourg in France. Now the submarine is propped up on steel supports on dry land and is open to the public as a museum.Visitors enter the hull of the submarine […]

  • Malacca – Upside Down House

    Malacca – Upside Down House

    MALACCA Upside Down House Create (and document) the illusion that you’re walking on the ceiling, levitating in the bathroom, or doing a handstand on the refrigerator at Upside Down House Melaka. You will be able to view inside a modern house, fully equipped with a living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, children bedroom […]

  • Malacca – Poh San Teng Temple (Sam Po Kong)

    Malacca – Poh San Teng Temple (Sam Po Kong)

    MALACCA Poh San Teng Temple (Sam Po Kong) This is a historical Chinese temple located at the foot of Bukit China that was built in 1795 by a Chinese Kapitan during the Dutch Malacca (1641–1825) era. It is dedicated to Tua Pek Kong (Chinese: – God of Prosperity). At the side of the temple, there […]

  • Malacca – Floating Mosque

    Malacca – Floating Mosque

    MALACCA Floating Mosque The Melaka Straits Mosque, also known as Masjid Selat Melaka, is one of the most beautiful and noteworthy mosques in Malaysia. The King (Supreme Ruler of Malaysia) inaugurated this magnificent modern mosque,  on November 24, 2006.  This mosque, which cost around MYR10 million, was built with a combination of Middle Eastern and […]

  • Malacca – Portuguese village

    Malacca – Portuguese village

    MALACCA Portuguese village If you are interested in  Portuguese culture,, Portuguese Settlement is unquestionably the place to go. 30 minutes walk east from central Melaka (Malacca) is the Portuguese village, also known as the Portuguese Settlement. This is an area of town populated by the descendants of the Portuguese who ruled Melaka from 1511 to […]

  • Malacca – Zoo Melaka

    Malacca – Zoo Melaka

    MALACCA Zoo Melaka Melaka Zoo is situated at Ayer Keroh, approximately 13 kilometres from downtown Melaka. It is the second largest zoo in Malaysia. The zoo’s total area is approximately 54 acres. It has in its possession at least 1,200 animals from more than 200 species. Melaka Zoo opened its door to the public in […]