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Batu Caves

Batu Caves is the Holy place for the Hindu pilgrimage, situated 11 km at the northern outskirt of Kuala Lumpur. It is a limestone hill which is made up of a series of caves. Batu Caves is discovered in 100 years ago, the limestone area of 255 hectares, and around 20 caverns and it is famous for its Dark Cave and Light Cave. You will see a massive 140 feet tall statue of Lord Murugan after climbing of a 272-step staircase, and also be able to see the breath-taking panoramic city view. There are 10 shops at the foot of the cave, only a Chinese selling bird nest and the rest are Indians restaurants and stalls selling all sorts of religious paraphernalia, Indian sweets, savoury, souvenirs and coconut drinks. Batu Cave attracts millions of tourists every year which is absolutely a hot attraction in Kuala Lumpur.