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Berjaya Hill

Berjaya Hills (formerly known as Bukit Tinggi Resort) is just over an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur City centre and lies some 2,500 feet above sea level. Colmar Tropicale, located at Berjaya Hills ( Pahang, is a replica of a collection of buildings from a north-eastern village in France dating back to the 16th Century. The French themed resort was opened in July 2000. It’s surrounded by lush tropical forest land. A clock tower at the entrance welcomes the visitors. Live bands and snake performances entertain the visitors on a stage. A clown juggles balls and pins, rides on his cycle, hops around playing tricks and acting merry. Authentic French food is served from sidewalk cafes and restaurants. The Japanese Village is located at 3,500 feet above sea level. The first of its kind outside Japan. It encompasses a Japanese Tea House, Sakura and Ume Tatami Suites, A one kilometre walk path built on four acres of virgin forest lies the Botanical Garden. Here amidst lush greenery.