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Clan jetties

A part of the Penang heritage trail,The clan jetties and their floating villages are some of the most popular places of interest in Penang. These villages that were built on stilts over water were established in the 19th century when Chinese immigrants came to Malaysia. Clan jetties is a conglomeration of six jetties. It was one of the last Chinese settlements on the island which, If you walk along Weld Quay, you’ll get to explore the jetties one by one, from Lim Jetty to Yeoh Jetty, or vice versa. However, Chew Jetty remains the most popular jetty aside from being the longest. Upon reaching Chew Jetty, you’ll be welcomed by a temple where religious festivals are still being held annually. After the temple, you will be stepping on the wooden path that leads you to the end of the jetty. Houses line both sides of the jetty, leaving a narrow alley for people to walk on. Stores selling cute and quirky souvenirs, snacks and drinks are along the path. So, if you’re feeling thirsty, make a stop and enjoy refreshing items such as ice cream and drinks made out of tropical fruits.