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Blue Tears

Kuala Selangor “Blue tears,” a natural nighttime phenomenon caused by algae “Dinoflagellates,“ can be seen in Kuala Selangor where visitors get to catch a speedboat ride along the waters where the Selangor River meets the Straits of Malacca.

“Blue tears” are formed when clusters of marine algae, disturbed by the crashing waves, glow a bioluminescent blue.

The glowing waters are caused by certain algae called dinoflagellates, which produce a glowing light when the water they are living in is disturbed by motion. They can actually be found in most of the world’s oceans but are generally too small and dim to see. However, during the warmer summer months in more temperate waters, they can grow in higher concentrations, which then allows us to see the beautiful blue glow they create.